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Texturing and Materials


Shading Editor


CG Cookie

Painting Precision Textures - Bonus Tutorial
Texture Painting a Stylized Low Poly Ax - Exercise Notes (Pre 2.8)


Bake Camera Mapped Projected Texture

Grant Abbit

Texturing and UV Unwrapping Quick Guide

Grant Abbit: Texture Painting

Hand Paint Low Poly Models - Advanced

Texture Painting Quick Start
Hand Painted Bricks and Blocks

Hand Painted Wood
Painting Wooden Beams
Painting with Layers Quick Setup Guide
Magic Portal Game Asset Creation
Creating Magic Portals Transparent Textures

Tree Stump | Hand Painted | Tutorial | Game Asset (Pre 2.8)

Texture Painting | template brush's | timelapse & commentary (Pre 2.8)

HoverBOX creative

Like Substance Painter but in Blender


PBR Texture Painting

Luwizart Animations_Shading

Shading Human Skin

3 ways to add Logo to you models

Creating MESH from UV Layout (Pre 2.8)


3 simple steps in adding edge mask to any Object (Pre 2.8)

Create and Animate Random Color

Texturing Realistic Skin

Adding Normal and Bump Maps


How to bake textures


Texture Painting for Beginners

Royal Skies LLC_Procedural Texturing

Noise Maps

Color Ramps


Bake Diffuse/Albedo Maps


Royal Skies LLC_UVW Mapping

Automatic UV Mapping

UV Mapping Explained

UV Seams Explained

Three rules of Japanese UV Map Preparation

UV Mapping Controls and Shortcuts

Exporting UV Maps

Multi Object UV Mapping (Island packing and stacking)

Royal Skies LLC_Gimp Tutorials

FREE Diffuse Map Plugin Download/Installation

Diffuse Maps

Bump Maps

Ambient Occlusion Maps

Make Normal Maps

Gloss & Specular Maps

Albedo Maps

Displacement Maps

Seamless Textures

Advanced Seamless Textures

Royal Skies LLC_Principled BSDF

Everything About The Principled BSDF
Secret To MASTERING Principled BSDF
Apply Diffuse Maps
Apply Albedo & Ambient Occlusion Maps
Apply Bump Maps
Apply Normal Maps
Apply Specular Maps
Apply Roughness & Gloss Maps
Apply Displacement Maps
Apply All Maps

Bake Normal Maps


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